CBC Preschool
Friday, July 19, 2024
Pastor Mark Wood
Associate Pastor
Music and Education 

Multimedia Team Volunteer

As our music and worship minstries grow, so do our needs with technology.  We are in need of volunteers willing to take one week per month to assist us with our multimedia team.  No experience is required - training will be available for all roles.  Below is list and a brief description of each multimedia position:

Before Sunday morning service

1.  Computer Setup for songs and announcements - we use a specific program called MediaShout to run our announcements and songs on the screen.  Similar to setting up a PowerPoint show.

During Sunday morning service

1.  Sound Board Operator - making sure microphones are turned on and off at appropriate times, balancing the volume of music and speaking, etc.

2.  Computer Operator - running the MediaShout program - like a slideshow

3.  Camera Operator - using our video camera to record our services

After Sunday morning service

1.  Convert Video for website and DVD/CD - using a computer to fromat the service video so that it can be uploaded to our website and CDs/DVDs can be made

2.  DVD/CD duplication - making copies of DVDs and CDs to be distributed to homebound and to congregation.

If you are interested in joining the team,

click here to volunteer.

If you have questions, contact Mark at cbcwood@bellsouth.net